HippieChic By Olga Parra

Olga has a unique talent based in years of experience and a deep love for color, cultures, and fashion that has lead her to find a create some of the most outraged jewelry designs in the industry today.

Inspired by nature, organic forms, and color, Olga and her team of experienced jewelry makers design and create handmade that are unique and exclusive. Hippiechic by OP Jewelry can be described as strikingly individual yet classically elegant. Each piece is carefully designed and hand crafted using the finest quality of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls finished with silver and gold.

Hippiechic by OP unique style creates a collection of diverse, colorful and desirable pieces. Olga’s signature is her ability to combine unique colors and shapes in an original and appealing way. Olga believes this creates jewelry that enhances the natural beauty of the stones and lifts the spirits of the person wearing it.

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Olga Parra