Tips for finding the best Wholesalers for your wholesale accessories

If you want to start a retail or wholesale accessories business, you need to form relationships with wholesale suppliers. There are lots of wholesalers in the market today, so understandably, finding and forming sure relationships with reliable wholesalers requires considerable time and research.
The following are some guidelines for discovering wholesalers that would be best for handling your requirements.

How to research and locate Wholesalers for your Wholesale accessories
Finding wholesalers can be time-consuming, but there are numerous guidelines to help your research efforts:


Search the internet:

categorize your search by searching for wholesalers by-product, this helps you locate local suppliers (it brings up suppliers within your country), proceed to enter your zip code to the search so that your results are localized.

You can search some websites such as and online trade associations, trade directories, or wholesale directories. There are a lot of wholesalers to be located using this method as almost every wholesaler uses the internet today.

Trade Shows:

This is another great way of locating wholesalers. Trade shows are excellent ways for discovering wholesalers provided the time and money is available. Tradeshow directories such as TSNN can help discover events by industry and location, and you can purchase your wholesale accessories from the wholesaler who gives you a reasonable price.


Trade Magazines:

the ads and classifieds section contain a wealth of information about wholesalers in your country.

Ask around:

asking for information about the source of their inventory from competitors may not be suitable, but you can ask around if you are out of town at business networking events (Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center, etc.).

Talk to Brand Manufacturers:

brand manufacturers are usually high volume wholesalers. However, they might be able to connect you with small businesses that cater to small businesses.


The Wholesale Agreement

Once you have found a suitable supplier for your wholesale accessories, it is time to do your homework. Make inquiries about volume discounts, return policies, and order processing time. Before signing contracts or making any form of agreements, be ready to bargain pricing terms, minimum order quantities, delivery schedules, etc.

Make sure these agreements are included in the terms and ensure an attorney is present to review it. Remember to ask for references and do your research. The Better Business Bureau contains information in case you need some background information such as complaints as well as recommendations.