How to buy wholesale fashion jewelry in Miami?

For those looking for ways to break into the reselling market, purchasing of wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk is a highly lucrative means of doing so. As a reseller, a profit of 50% or more above the initial expense can be made in the jewelry business. This is dependent on your target audience or target market. There is always a demand for jewelry irrespective of the state of the economy, so jewelry resellers are bound to have a profit.

The start of buying wholesale fashion jewelry is when a reseller settles on the kind of clientele he/she wishes to have. Reselling expensive jewelry in a neighborhood with low income would only yield a limited profit, but if your jewelry is relatively affordable, the profit to be gained would be much higher. Before settling on what type of jewelry to purchase and sell, the reseller should keep in mind that economic conditions have a strong influence on the purchasing power of people in terms of luxury jewelry. This should be taken into account before jewelry is bought.

From the beginning of time, pieces of jewelry have been used as a means of expressing emotion and this trend is bound to continue as the ages go on. For the benefit of individuals who are interested in going into the jewelry business, this guide was compiled. In it is a list of information that is bound to help you with your purchase of wholesale fashion jewelry.

Costume and Fashion Jewelry

There is a wide array of costume and fashion jewelry that is present in the market. It comes out based on the fashion trends or based on the outfit that it is meant to go with. The presence of the varying styles of the jewelry makes that it does not appreciate in value over time. The jewelry is most times made of plastic, base metals, glass, and wide list of common materials.

Early Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has been in existence for about 300 or more years. It started out as a way for the upper class to distinguish themselves from the lower or middle class by adding accessories to outfits. Through time, it has been an acceptable means of upgrading an outfit and is used by everyone.


The brilliant shine of platinum makes it perfect for jewelry. It is an alloy that is 95% pure and most times is the material of choice for jewelry. The patina which is usually present on the platinum pieces makes it stand out from others. Purchasing platinum would be good for wholesale fashion jewelry.

Whenever we think about jewelry, the first metal that is sure to come to our mind is without a doubt Gold. The karat weight and preference of gold are determined by the amount of copper, palladium or silver that is added to it. The purest form of Gold that is currently available is 24k gold.

The preferred metal setting for jewelry is Silver and has been for over millennia. It’s readily available and sturdy nature makes it a go-to metal for all forms of jewelry.

If proper product research is done and you determine who your target audience is, starting out into the jewelry business can end up leaving you with more funds than you know how to spend. Keep in mind to find a reliable individual or store to purchase your wholesale fashion jewelry from who would provide you with reasonable prices in comparison to the value of jewelry you are interested in the jewelry business is a business that will keep you excited.